The Shandy Collection @ Economy London, 2007
The Shandy Collection, an eclectic and intriguing group of artworks that has been collected by a London-based artist who works as an art installer and builder.

Started in 1999 the Collection has grown sporadically and now boasts over 60 works. The Collector's first acquisition came about after he assisted an artist friend and was given a painting as a gesture of gratitude; since then the Collection has grown in part by this type of donation, through the exchange of his skilled labour or by direct purchase. The result is an egalitarian collection that maps the chance interactions of the Collector's life.

The parameters of the Collection and its acquisitions policy are very simple. Ideally, the Collector must know the artist on a personal level, be that as friend or employer, and the artwork should be a good representation of the artist's practice. Other than that the Collection is not steered by media, theme, style or by any given artist's biographical status. The entire Collection is housed and enjoyed in a small flat in Tower Hamlets.

This show will present the collections final 10 acquisitions subject to revision right up to the day of the opening; an archive of all the works in the Collection will be available during the Show. Currently the list of artists includes:

Gareth Cadwallader, Lee Clough, Steve Colson, Angus Fairhurst, Emma Hart, Sophie von Hellermann, Alan Kane, Ugo Rondinone, The Shytstem 1,2 and 3, Roddy Thomson and Colin Lowe

Selected images from the Shandy Collection:
Alan Kane
Amie Clarke
Dai Jenkins
Damien Hirst
Lee Malzer
Melanie Stidolph
Mally Mallinson
Steve Colson