Economy is a project space by Dana and Shane Munro.


Economy Brussels

Thomas Bayrle – wiels.ch
Catalogue release @ dépendance
By Thomas Bayrle, economy-projects.com and Fuchs Borst
Published by economy-projects.com, 2015

After Dana Munro was awarded a year placement on the Wiels International Residency Program in 2015, Economy purchased the Swiss domain wiels.ch and invited Thomas Bayrle to produce work on the site. For Thomas Bayrle’s exhibition Economy-Projects purchased the Swiss domain wiels.ch. The website hosts an altered clone (copy) of wiels.org. Economy-Projects registered this website in Switzerland where the Bern Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works was signed. Wiels have been made aware of the concept however we operate with complete autonomy.

For his exhibition wiels.ch, all the layers and images of the original wiels.org website have been replaced – only the architecture of the website remains – Bayrle is exhibiting three videos. Each time a user clicks a web link on wiels.ch a video is randomly selected and a specially written ‘Java internet script’ puts that film in place of all the original web content being displayed.

The exhibition catalogue is a frame by frame representation of ‘Gun’ one of Thomas’s superstars videos in newsprint tabloid format.

Economy London and Frankfurt

Economy began in an art studio in London and later expanded to include a 1:1 copy built on the roof garden of the Städelschule school library, Frankfurt am Main. Artists, curators and independent spaces were invited. Shows alternated between London and Frankfurt.